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Hi, my name is Bukunmi. I’m a growth marketer and HubSpot partner. I am helpingĀ individuals and organizations that want to connect with their customers and grow better with personalized experiences.

I have mastery of all the tools, technologies, systems, and every other part of B2B marketing, and for half a decade, I have been utilizing these to grow companies better by creating delightsome and frictionless experiences for their customers with effective and personalized marketing, sales, and customer success operations.

I help you generate demands, capture these demands, retain customers, and turn them into promoters.
Cross-channel & Personalized Marketing

I Strongly Believe in Personalized Marketing That Effectively Empowers, Enables and Helps The Customers Through Their Journey.

I will work with you and your team to turn customer intent actions, questions, and wants in your marketing and sales processes into a content generation and distribution engine that both grabs the attention of and serves your target audience. Your website, social media channels, and community should answer your customers’ questions and educate them; and I’m here to help you achieve that!

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