Meet​ me

Who is Bukunmi?

RevOps Professional and HubSpot wizard with more than half a decade of experience specializing in B2B industrial, B2B SaaS, and Growth Marketing by merging technology with the human touches to create team alignment and GTM strategies that drive seamless customer experience and revenue growth.

My Mission

To grow your business better by creating alignment in your teams, enhancing your customer experience, organizing your tech stacks, and increasing your revenues.

One Big Workforce

I complement your team, throughout your entire process!


Yearly Revenue

Even the most outstanding offer loses its value if it doesn't reach the right audience.

Bukunmi Odetayo, RevOps Professional

My steps to​ success

Generate Demand

Catch the attention of your target accounts, attract potential customers and earn trust by creating and capturing demands for your product.

Land Opportunites

Land opportunities with your target accounts and achieve high win rates with highly qualified and sales-ready prospects.

Delight Your Customers

Eliminate bad friction from your customers' journey, delight them at every stage and make it effortless for them to do their job.

Boost Your Revenue Engine

Grow better and generate real-time revenues that will scale your business by increasing your sales pipeline velocity and team alignment.

Some high-growth B2B companies in my portfolio...